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Army Officer's Dagger--Rare Maker

Army Officer's Dagger--Rare Maker

Here's an interesting example of a completely correct Army by a rare maker-H. Kolping. The blade is in generrally good shape and shows some shadows and greying throughout; but this does not detract from the blade's beautiful sheen created by the crossgrain. The popular beer stein maker mark is slightly farther down the blade than you will see on other makers and this is to be expected on these daggers!


The grip utilizes a new type material made from an organic product, milk. This was used for a short time by a few producers seeking an alternative to oil based trylon grips as materials were diverted to the war effort later in production. galalith was soon abandon in favor of celluloid over wood or celluloid over plaster grips (descrption of this type of grip from The grip on this dagger is essentially perfect, there is the odd scratch and ding, but nonetheless a beautiful and unique grip. The scabbard is fine just showing different darkening throughout due to age. There are no dents or real damage here either! A great piece all around.



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