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Reichsführerschule Tyr collartabset.

Reichsführerschule Tyr collartabset.

Here's your chance to buy a very rare insignia set.

This from a member (instructor or staffmember) of the Reichsführerschulen.

(SA Leadership school in Munich)

The right collartab shows the Tyr rune which is very nice embroidered on the tab. 

The back of this tab is provided with an original RZM tag.

The left collartab shows the rank of Unterscharführer.


Aspirants who attended the schools and eventually succeeded, received the better known Tyr badge which was to be worn on the left sleeve above the swastika 'armbinde'.

Notable members who wore these were Karl Wolff, Oswald Pohl, Franz Breithaupt and Victor Lutze. 


Not many sets like these are known but they are quit original for sure so don't miss your chance to own them.

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