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SA Dagger (RZM)

SA Dagger (RZM)

Here we have a beautiful SA dagger produced during the RZM period by Emil Voos. These later period daggers did not always hold up as well as their early counterparts, but this was one is definately an exception to this rule!


The grip is mint without any splits, cracks or other problems. These later pieces came with nickel plated guards and on this dagger they just look spectacular. If you look very closely where the guards meet the wood grip, you can see the very slightest signs of age, but not any peeling, bubbling, etc. that we often see on RZM pieces-but not here! The blade is a real treat with all of its crossgrain. The motto even has all of its burnishing, which creates a really beautiful contrast with the polished blade as shown in the photos. The rzm mark M7/2 also retains all of its burnishing. The blade shows minor graying but nothing that detracts whatsoever. The scabbard is mint just like the grip and maintains all of its original brown paint. The fittings are also mint without any wear, age, or damage!! This piece comes with an original short hanger (with the proper later period plated clip).

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