SS Dagger (Model 1933) by Bertram Reinhard

C. Bertram Reinhard utilized a really neat makers mark with a rooster and hen, which shows through beautifully on this M33 with the dark background’s contrast to the bright blade. This is truly a spectacular Model SS dagger, straight from the family of the veteran from whom we acquired the piece on the west coast. The grip is essentially perfect, with the odd imperfection here and there. The runes button and eagle are perfect. The guards have taken on a beautiful patina, muting the bright nickel. The blade is exactly what every collector wants—a deep, dark motto on top of bright blade. The original crossgrain creates a luster on this blade you don’t find on washed out or cleaned-up blades. There is the odd dark mark here or there, but the blade is about as good as it gets! The reverse of the blade and grip are also in spectacular untouched condition. The scabbard fittings show an identical patina to the dagger’s fittings and demonstrates the prior existence of a vertical hanger. The lower fitting has a knock as we often see. The scabbard’s body maintains all of the anodizing/blueing and even retains over 80% of the protective lacquer. If you want a top shelf, early SS dagger, here it is.

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