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SS Himmler Honor Dagger

SS Himmler Honor Dagger

Here we have a great SS Himmler Honor Dagger out of a huge, old collection. This dagger conforms to expectations in every way. First, the hilt has the typical Eickhorn type grip with the correct runes button that does not touch the button's edge. The eagle is also the style you would expect to see. This grip has had a repair as we all know how brittle these early SS dagger grips are, especially these Eickhorn grips. The lower crossguard (solid nickel) is benchmarked with a 6 or a 9 right next to the blade, as should be expected. Both guards and pommel nut maintain a beautiful, light patina, which has turned the guards to a flat/muted nickel color we all want to see.


The blade's obverse shows the typical etch attributable to these Himmler pieces, which maintains most of its original burnishing, which displays beautifully. As is somewhat noticeable on the obverse, the blade tip has been sharpened, narrowing the point. This runs from the tip to the beginning of the "M" in the motto. The obverse still presents beautifully.


The blade's reverse is beautiful with an originally etched Himmler Honor Inscription, which reads: "In Herzlicher Freundschaft H. Himmler." The inscpription retains most of its original burnishing, which makes the inscription a sight to behold. The end of the blade shows the same evidence of sharpening as the obverse. Near the hilt is the more desirible "serrated tail" small eickhorn maker mark. These honor pieces came with either this serrated tail mark or a smooth tail squirrel mark, the former generally considered the more desirible variation.


The scabbard fittings are patinated, just like the hilt fittings, to a beautiful muted silver color. The ball on the lower fitting is slightly mishapen, but the fittings are otherwise great. The scabbard body shows most of its black blueing/annodizing, as well as consistent oxidation throughout, likely from storage over the decades.


Overall, this is a great dagger for the advanced SS collector.



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