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SS Order Creating an Honor Cuff

SS Order Creating an Honor Cuff

This document is for a true collector of Schutzstaffel relics. As any such collector will know, certain SS Sturm were named after SS members killed in the early, struggle years. This document is anorder directed to the Reichsfuhrer, by which fallen SS member Henry Kobert's was remembered via naming an "honor title" after him. SS-Mann Henry Kobert was killed by police when they tried to break up a streetfight. Kobert was posthumously awarded the blood order as well.


Notably this document is isgned by both Ernst Rohm and Hitler. A magnificent piece of history here.


Hitler and Röhm on one document


Standarte Number: 28.

Location: Hamburg

Sturm Honour Title: 1. "Henry Kobert"

Sturm Honour Title: 9. Flans Cyranka

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