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Terms and Conditions


While each transaction with Elite Relic Militaria is unique, the following form the basic rules applicable to all purchases from and sales to ERM.


Disclaimer: Elite Relic Militaria in no way endorses or supports the ideologies associated with Germany’s government during the Second World War or the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. This site is solely dedicated to the preservation of history, so that humanity’s tragic mistakes are never repeated.




  • To reserve any piece listed for sale, email, with the item number, and an unequivocal statement that you will purchase the piece with full payment within 5 days.

  • If you would like to make an offer on a piece listed for sale, or propose a payment plan for such item, please send ERM an email at the email listed above with your proposal. The item though, is not reserved until a plan is agreed upon and finalized.

  • Payment plans can vary in length and payment frequency as each ERM transaction is unique.




  • ERM accepts Paypal (2.5% charge), personal check, bank transfer, or cash (if possible).

  • ERM also accepts trades, when agreed upon. All trades are credited to the customer’s account AFTER ERM has received the piece and confirmed that the piece is acceptable.




  • Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, all sales include domestic, USPS Priority Mail packing and shipping. For international sales, an agreement with ERM will be reached as part of the transaction.

  • Customers must pay for the cost of shipping for all returns. ERM requests that Customers use USPS Priority Mail.




  • If a customer wishes to return a piece purchased from ERM within the 10 day return period, the customer must notify ERM within the 10 day limit and the piece must be shipped back to ERM within the 10 day limit, although the piece does not need to arrive at ERM within the 10 day limit. Tracking is required for return shipping.

  • The 10 day limit begins to run from the day ERM ships the piece (the time limit does not begin to run when the customer receives the piece!).

  • For example, if a piece is purchased January 1, shipped to the customer on January 5, the customer receives the piece on January 8, the customer MUST email ERM that he is returning the piece and MUST have the piece in the mail, with tracking information, by close of business on January 15.


Sales to ERM:


  • If you wish to sell an item to ERM or receive a proposal to purchase, please email with clear pictures covering each aspect of the piece. ERM may not be interested, but if so, will make a cash offer accordingly. The piece would have to be received by ERM prior to any payment.


  • ERM welcomes offers for consignments of high-quality antique militaria. Please email us ( with clear pictures showing each aspect of the piece.

  • If ERM is interested in the piece, we will then request that the piece be shipped to ERM (we have offices in the U.S. and Europe). An address will be provided when ERM responds to the offer.

  • After ERM receives and inspects the piece, it will communicate via email as to whether we are still interested in taking the piece on consignment; ERM will also provide a recommend price.

  • After the price and all terms are set, the piece will be listed on the ERM website and promoted by ERM; the item must remain in ERM’s possession during the entirety of the consignment. Under no circumstances may the consignor also list the piece for sale on other websites, market the piece privately, or cause the piece to be privately marketed.

  • Consigners have the right to end the consignment and request the piece be returned at any time, although, if the piece is consigned less than 14 days, return shipping will be invoiced to the consignor.

  • Consigners will be payed after the '10-day return' period, via check, Paypal, or any other agreed-upon method. (See Returns).

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