Diplomatic Official's Dagger (Alcoso)

here we have a magnificient Diplomatic Official's Dagger by the Alcoso firm. These daggers are some of the most beautiful and artistic made during the period and this one is no exception. The hilt of this dagger shows beautiful mother of pearl grip plates, which are in perfect condition without cracks or chips. The remainde rof hte hilt shows a beautiful patina alternating between nickel and darkened areas. The pommel spanner nut shows slight signs of being open at one point. The crossguard eagle shows the head turned to the right, as a diplomatic dagger should have! The blade is beautiful and rates up there. It is bright throughout with the very very most minor signs of age. Many dealers would call this mint or near mint. The scabbard is also in perfect condition without any dents or dings. This is a rare piece in rarely seen high-end condition.


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