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Model 1936 "Chained" SS Dagger

Model 1936 "Chained" SS Dagger

SKU: 364215376135191

Here we have a (numbered) beautiful Type 2 solid nickel "chianed" Model 1936 SS Dagger. The number, 25486, is yet to be identified. The piece is typical for the first run of these daggers, with solid nickel fittings throughout, a solid nickel grip eagle, and a solid nickel chain. The blade is just stunning--the dark etched motto is really striking. This is rare, as most M36 we see have an extremely light motto for one reason or another. The blade has minor scratches throughout, but full cross-grain and a truly untouched luster. The grip is also a beauty just showing some minor nicks and scrapes throughout. Along the back of the lower portion there is one section that looks to have been damaged and possibly repaired. This dagger also has a roman numeral I on the lower guard, behind the SS number, indicating that this dagger is a ground Rohm, which explains the beautifully dark motto. The "grinding" process can be seen on the reverse of this blade, which has a strong grain, typical of ground pieces. This dagger was likely mated with the chained scabbard by the owner, who purchased a chained scabbard when they became available in 1936 (yes, these could be purchased indepednent of a dagger!).

  • COA

    A Certificate of Authenticity is avaialable for $35.00.

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