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The First of the Best: Early and Prototype SS Daggers

The First of the Best: Early and Prototype SS Daggers

The First of the Best is the first reference book to cover Model 1933 prototype SS daggers (often referred to as Christmas SS Daggers).


This book is printed in soft cover (perfect-bound) and is 8.5" by 11." The book covers the following topics and includes many great pictures of early SS daggers, rare makers, and many, many photos of prototype SS daggers and their details:

  • Early Production Makers.
  • The Exclamation Point (!) Variation.
  • Early Dagger Construction.
  • The Hilt.
  • Crossguards and Pommel Nut.
  • The Scabbard.
  • Prototype SS Daggers.
  • Existing Examples.
  • Other Examples.
  • Standard SS Daggers v. Prototype SS Daggers.
  • The Hilt.
  • Crossguards & Pommel Nut.
  • The Scabbard.


This book is now available and ships immediately. All books can be signed by the author at the buyer's request. Shipping is included within the US; international shipping is an additional $5.00.

  • Ray M

    This book is fantastic. The author has done an incredible job engaging the reader and thoroughly reseraching the history of these preiouvlys-unkonwn prototypes. These daggers represent the forerunners to some of the most popular WWII collectible edged weapons. The photos and detail are amazing as well. I can't recommend this book enough to the experienced and novice collector.
  • Ben W.

    I thought I knew everything out there about SS daggers from owning Wittmann and Siegert's books, but this succinct reference definately adds to that knowledge base--I had never seen these prototypes before!

  • Paul S.

    The photos in this book are great and really help paint a picture of these elusive pieces! Definately a necessary addition to the library of any SS dagger collector or any dagger enthusiast!

  • Thomas T. Wittmann

    his 28 page booklet has been authored to inform collectors of the recently discovered existence of Prototype SS daggers. We have known of the SA "Christmas" Prototype daggers for some time now, and it has only been in the last year or so, that we have discovered that the SS also had Prototype daggers produced either at the same time (December 1933), or shortly thereafter. The first Prototype SS example was brought to my attention a couple of years ago by a veteran family member who had an example, (he didn't know what is was at the time) and was good enough to send me photographs. It was an astounding discovery and one of the most important edged weapons to surface to the collecting community in many years. I had the pleasure of conversing extensively with the individual that owned it, and in fact gave him an idea of its worth after he sent me some photographs. The owner, once he realized the value, (like people seem to do), did contact various members in our collecting community, and was successful in selling the Prototype for slightly more than the figure I felt it was worth. It was a good deal for both people!

    As things go in this hobby, new discoveries tend to cause the surfacing of other pieces that may have languished for years being unidentified in collections or family treasures. Now that three of these SS Prototypes have come to the attention of the collecting community, ERM publications have extensively studied the three originals and have published the results in this excellent primer. The booklet is done in a simple-to-understand basis and includes many photographs of these ultra-rare daggers including the special grip eagles as well as the different letter fonts that were used on the SS motto, as well as the Röhm inscriptions. (All Prototypes to include the SA and SS types bore the Röhm inscription). The author also has published period photos of SS Generals wearing these Prototypes. Obviously, this is the first time that this information has been made available to the collecting community. Also included are many subtle observations regarding early SS daggers, in general. The average collector will find this booklet in its entirety extremely useful, as many of the observations address areas that are mysteries or cause curiosity by collectors, and are not available in any other reference.

    So, if you are a student of SS daggers, you will find this booklet absolutely fascinating, as it brings our cherished hobby to another level on the collecting scale. As the owner of two original SA Prototype daggers myself, I was extremely pleased to see this subject finally addressed and available to the collecting community. I only have a dozen of these booklets available, so if you would like one, please act accordingly. Believe me, there is a lot of meat for the money here!

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